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Are you ready to switch to our digital cards?

Register your association, you can use the service for free up to 10 digital digital cards.
For more information CONSULT OUR WEB SITE.

Choose a starting template!

You can customize the card with your logos and colors

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Indicate how you will manage the expiry dates of the cards and the numbering of members

Card duration

You have 3 types of deadlines available:
1. Solar year: Expiration on 31/12 of the selected year
2. School year: Expiration on 31/08 of the selected year
3. Effective year (365 days): Expiration to 1 year (365 days)

Membership numbering

Indicate if you prefer to manually enter the member number at the time of registration or to make the numbering of members automatic. Manual numbering is indicated if, for example, already assigned member numbers already exist.


Unique barcode to each member (recommended)


You can add a personalized membership number

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Association information

These data are necessary in order to activate the service. Enter a valid email to be able to ensure correct functioning as it will appear to your members in communications

Choose the access data for App and Web:


Your privacy is very important to us and you must know that your data and those of your members will not be disclosed to third parties, before continuing we invite you to consult our [Privacy Policy] and the [Terms of Service]

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Privacy reference

Link privacy policy

  • I want to test, add the link to the privacy policy before the cards are publishe

Statute association link

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